Sunday, February 15, 2009

AI Haircut

Kryptonate - Nate Robinson’s Shoes (Nike Foamposite Lite)

Kryptonate - Nate Robinson’s Shoes (Nike Foamposite Lite)

last night was amazing, it seemed like Dwight Howard had a reply to his superman act last year slam dunk competition.......

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Pretty fucking dope........

looks like Casio G-shock is at it again! With new collaborations with dqm and lrg! the lrg one is one of my faves and something def to look forward to spring. be on the look out for both this month or the following ......

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A day of solitude.....

Its a nice day outside... its like 51 degrees out side and everyone is outside playing. Not us we choose to stay in the indoors play video games. Now im big fan of of shooters and fighting games. Right now im stuck on call of duty 4..... yeah i know world at war is out but i dont give a shit. I feel like 4 is much better so i don't waste time. once u start playing online ur brain becomes a sponge and the system sucks out ur intelligence. From c4s to expoding cars and RPGS this game can never go old :/

Not all Crooks and villains are born bad guys... some are made

Your now entering a place where all crooks, thieves, villains all categorize under the name "bad Guys" are made. This whole team was good guys at first but fate brought us to evil. My name is Apocalypse; I am the leader of this society. Now what we do is not as crazy as what u think. All my goons go out and bring me the scoop on whats going on in world. We sneak around every corner seeing, watching, and grabbing the latest on the sneaker world, music and street fashion. Sometimes we go out our way to find other things too, that we thought was valuable and wanted to show off. This is a place were all criminals can be glorified everything that is all bad. They say "nice guys will always finish last", well thats no problem! The time is now! Nice are guys are over Crooks are now..... will u convert?